Big News!

Big News!

I am sew excited to announce that I am a scholarship recipient of a scholarship to Alderwood Studio's Pattern Writing Academy. 

Around two years ago, when I was searching for a pattern to make a quilt for a friend's baby, I was looking specifically for pattern designers who are people of color and realized that there weren't many to pick from. This is why I am so excited to be part of the Pattern Writing Academy: I want to help expand the quilting community by representing the value and talent of people of color, showing that we make beautiful quilts, too! I want to learn how to create patterns that are accessible to people of any background while also being representative of my culture.

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So very cool, love your patterns as they are so bright and full of fun. Congratulations and look forward to all you will be doing in the future.

Deborah Boice

Thank you so much Caitlin!

Thank you for sticking around with me.

Vickeidy Plybon - Sewspicious

Congrats! I love the site, love your Instagram, and am looking forward to seeing more of your work! Keep going!!

Caitlin Pitchford

Bravo! And your quilt pictured here is wonderful and so full of color! Looking forward to seeing lots of great things from you! Thanks for sharing.


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